Juvederm by Gilberto Sanchez
Juvederm by Gilberto Sanchez
Juvederm by Gilberto Sanchez


Hyaluronic Acid

At Oneline we use the Juvéderm line, composed of specific presentations for each type of expression lines, from the most superficial to the deepest. Each product is ideally developed for every treatment need. The procedure is performed in a few minutes, very effective methods are used to avoid pain, after the procedure you can resume your activities immediately.

Juvederm Line

Our face over the years loses its structure which is made up of bone, fat and the degree of hydration of the skin, however, dermal fillers are an alternative replacement to these structures that are lost with age.

Juvéderm application process

Hyaluronic acid counteracts the effect of aging on the skin, in particular the formation of wrinkles, replacing the volume of fluid lost; It also increases collagen production and affects the morphology of fibroblasts.

The treatment is quite simple, the area to be treated is cleaned with antiseptic and injected into the medium to deep dermis, the soft consistency of Juvéderm gel and the combination it has with lidocaine favors its application in special areas of the face, to minimize the possibility of feeling any discomfort, techniques that reduce pain are used. The session lasts about 30-40 minutes.

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